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Children - our special Guests

Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła is a child-friendly place. Surrounded by the Beskids nature, every walk is sheer pleasure and each activity is an extraordinary adventure. At Aries, the world is your oyster. We jump, run, laugh and enjoy the moment. We wander the trails, gaze up at the stars, explore the mountains and nature, feast by the campfire, look at the clouds… and dream away. At Aries, every day is a "YES-DAY".

Kids at Aries
Kids at Aries

A Playroom & Jungle gym

A ball pit for the little ones is usually the first place that kids jump into. When that first energy is released, our youngest Guests find themselves in a wooden kitchen and a workshop with lots of screws and knobs. 5 minutes is more than enough for a nearby stall to become a perfect setting for an imaginary small town with the little ones having so much fun. After all that enjoyment, they can relax with a book. A library filled with many fairy tales awaits them. Psst… if you wish, you may borrow any book you like, just don’t forget to return it.

Jungle gym - swing like a monkey and hold on tight!

Kids at Aries
Kids at Aries

A swimming pool

The kids wellness area is a few meters long swimming pool (paddling pool) boasting two super fun play fountains. Located right next to the large swimming pool, it allows both parents and their children to enjoy their leisure time. How about a swim together? There is never a shortage of joy and laughter.

Kids at Aries
Kids at Aries

A playground by the Vistula River

Such a playground doesn’t exist anywhere else. A space engulfed by a river, forests and mountains. A stunning sight! Featuring a sandbox, a swing, a slide, but most importantly... a wooden house. It is around that house where most fun games and magical stories take place. Because who wouldn't want to live by the Vistula River :) Kids store filled with forest treasures, launching bark boats on the water, scavenger hunt or playing forest gnomes is all that is worth cherishing.

Polka Restaurant

Hungry? We invite you to the Polka Magda Gessler Restaurant. We have a special menu for our youngest Guests printed on an A3 format featuring… riddles, rebuses, curiosities and an Aries lamb, which needs help reaching its herd. It’s not enough? We invite you to the play corner (in our orangery) boasting building blocks, puzzles and even more riddles and coloring pages.

La Millou in Aries

Do you know Grandma Dana's Hen? It is the fluffiest pillow in the world. We guarantee it. It and a unique La Millou blanket will make your stay at Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła even more pleasant, or rather cozier.

La Millou is a Polish brand of extremely beautiful accessories for children and parents. Its hallmark - fairytale and original fabric patterns from which pillows, quilts, blankets and even La Millou mascots are made. Its purpose - is to provide children with the magic of a carefree childhood. More about the brand HERE.

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