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History from 66 years ago

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The history of the building, which currently houses the 4-star Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła dates back to the 50s. It was in 1952 that the construction of the building began. Originally, it was supposed to house a children's preventorium and then a children’s holiday center. In view of financial and technical problems, the organization of the Polish Women's League (initiators of the project) handed over the building to PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society), which completed the investment and led to the opening of the House in 1955.

History from 66 years ago
History from 66 years ago

Originally, the facility operated as the "Malinka" Excursion House, and later changed its name to "Nad Zaporą" due to its location near the so-called Small Dam at the source of the Vistula River. Ultimately, the building offered 133 beds, and the first guests were the participants of the 5th International Youth Festival, held in Warsaw in July and August 1955. Due to the original function of the facility, it was necessary to make numerous modifications and modernizations, which were finally completed in 1970. At the turn of the 70s and 80s of the twentieth century, the House offered 170 beds in double and dormitory rooms. There was also a GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue) duty station inside the building.

Tourist House

The Excursion House, also known as the Tourist House, was a popular place, especially for organized tourism, although it also welcomed individual guests. In 1966, the facility won a national competition for the best shelter. When looking at old photographs and postcards, we are sure the award has been well deserved.

A new history...

In the following years, the building gradually deteriorated. Around 2012, it was finally taken out of operation, and renovation works began in the building. Finally, the PTTK shelter was leased to Platan Hotels & Resorts Sp. z o.o., which in January 2020 opened Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła there. Despite numerous changes inside the main building, former guests of the Tourist House will recognize the previous corridor & stair layouts. Visible visual changes, include the former hostel gaining a stunning, wooden orangery, an indoor swimming pool and a completely new building boasting a SPA as well as hotel rooms.

History from 66 years ago
History from 66 years ago

The Tourist House was established in an extremely picturesque place of Wisła Czarne at an altitude of 485 m above sea level. Currently, while gazing out the hotel windows one can admire mountains covered with dense forests surrounding Aries and the Vistula River flowing right next to the bank, turning into an 8-meter waterfall just a few meters away. Beavers and herons are an everyday sight of the fauna present nearby the hotel.

Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła is a place with over 60 years of history. We are looking forward to the next years of the hotel's activity, full of Guests seeking a beautiful space for a serene holiday in the very heart of the Beskids.

We hope to see you,

Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła Team |

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